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The Le Grand Senior Living concept refers to a retirement option for older adults who enjoy an assisted, safe and peaceful life. Our most similar concept to a "luxury resort equipped and attended by a professional medical group" is an active community where all our residents participate in the multidisciplinary cognitive, motor and social program "Older Active People".
PERMANENT RESIDENCE WITH ASSISTED CARE AND MEDICAL: You will enjoy independence, security, tranquility and comfort within a space specially designed for your lifestyle. You will enjoy a life full of meaning, meaning and new purposes because you will have at your disposal a range of options where your talents will find a channel and productivity allowing you to have a fuller life.
Your social life will be reactivated by interacting with people who share common tastes and interests and who have a positive outlook on life. You’ll feel better than ever. At Le Grand we encourage you to use your maximum potential of thinking, memory, reasoning and analysis, and you can conserve your healthy body because we have the latest in fitness and rehabilitation, designing activities that increase your cardiovascular health, muscle strength and improve your flexibility.
You will have no worries because we take care of the necessities of everyday life since all our equipment is specialized and we have the technology and security to live free from pressures and risks. You can enjoy your family in the comfort of our facilities. At Le Grand you will find a life full of meaning, meaning and new purposes. PROGRAM "ACTIVE SENIOR LIVING": The permanent residence of Le Grand Senior Living is the ideal choice for older adults who have a major difficulty coping with the activities of daily life or for those requiring medical care or continuous nursing, in a place that guarantees security, tranquility, emotional wellbeing and coexistence within a community.
TEMPORARY RECOVERY: Long term care involves providing a level of medical care that requires the experience of professionals to meet the multiple needs of older adults. We are unique in Mexico because we have that capacity to meet both the medical and nonmedical needs of people with an illness or disability who cannot care for themselves for long periods of time.
AREA OF GERIAN MEDICAL SPECIALITIES: The architectural concept of Le Grand Senior Living and the functionalities of each of our suites were conceived as ergonomic spaces designed for comfort, privacy, security and comfort of our residents. All the suites have unbeatable features and luxury finishes: lighting, pleasant view, controlled ventilation, floor control, kitchenette, wardrobes, telephone services, internet and pay TV.
*Suite (Housing unit).
*Daily cleaning of the suite.
*Safety 24 Hours 365 days a year.
*Use of common areas.
*Service of water, electricity, gas.
*Cable television service (satellite or similar) basic channels.Telephone (national and local calls only).
*Breakfast 1 dairy, 1 juice,1 main course (menu of the day)
*Food 1 soup, salad cart, 1 main course, 1 dessert, 1 coffee (menu of the day).
*Dinner 1 dairy, 1 juice, 1 main course. (Menu of the day) Food is served daily in the dining room of Le Grand.
*Loan of books, magazines, movies, board games, video games, available. *Washing of Whites once a week
2 Sheets and 2 covers. Games of 1 big towel daily 1 medium weekly, 1 girl weekly per person. It’s a concierge service.
*Daily activities to strengthen the physical, mental and spiritual activity of the New Members; as well as their intellectual and social integration
*Daily scheduled and collective transport to different points of the metropolitan area (State of Mexico and Federal District).
*Emergency medical service or first contact in accordance with Annex E, which forms an integral part of the Convention of Benefits.
*Wireless emergency system. *Religious services (with great respect for all faiths). Areas necessary for religious festivities and rites shall be provided where appropriate, provided that they do not violate the laws and customs.
*Reception and sending of electronic mail.
*Game and cinema hall. Gym and group fitness classes.
*Library and computer center. Monthly report to family members and removal coordination service (does not include payment for removal services).
*Maintenance service to basic suites.
Senior Living will agree with independent companies to provide various services, which will have a cost to be determined by the appropriate service provider, without such services being understood as part of the benefits referred to in this Annex and the Convention on Benefits. These services shall include:
*Personal laundry services, white and extra towels and dry cleaning.
*Care service 12/24 hrs., 1/3 daily food, Social Security (IMSS) Legal benefits (not employed by Le Grand Senior Living A. C.). *Pharmacy.
*Beauty Salon.
*SPA and Clinic anti-age.
*Travel Organization.
*Private Dining Room Service for events.
*Specialized medical services other than those expressly listed in Annex E.
*Extra food not corresponding to the menu of the day (à la carte).
*Systems services. *Maintenance materials.
*Cable TV service (satellite or similar) extra cost channels.
*International and cellular calls are charged with an extra charge.


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