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An Area of Growth and Freedom for Our Older Adults MISSION: Create in Our Residents the need to grow and enlarge their lives in all aspects. Social, Cultural, Physical and Mental, The Cedars Residence in Lebanon is a space where our Senior Adults can:
*Live with similar people in ages and interests.
*Develop your creativity and demonstrate your ability to learn.
*Speak or be heard. *Raise your self esteem by transmitting your knowledge and experiences.
*Get guidance and support to deal with physiological and neurological changes that occur.
*Find a better quality of life.
FACILITIES: 40 luxurious suites with bathroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Lounge for multiple uses, Spacious terraces and gardens Gymnasium, Library, Computer Room, Consulting Room, Beauty Parlor, Crafts Room, Ecumenical Chapel Nursing, parking
RESIDENCE CHARACTERISTICS: Provide comprehensive preventive care through an interdisciplinary team of specialists, who participate in weekly meetings, provide individual reports and make continuous reviews.
INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAM: Physician, Psychologist, nutritionist, physical therapist, Social worker, Head of Nursing this team works 24 hours. In addition, the Residence has regular hearing services, Ophthalmology and dental examination.


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