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Main features

Give your family member the opportunity to live the last stage of his life in a dignified way, receiving all the necessary care to have a quality life. At Irekani A.C. Senior Retirement Residence, we take care of him as if he were part of our family, which has made us one of the best nursing homes in the area.
Here we offer the elderly or disabled comprehensive care from doctors and nurses who will help them to have better physical health, emotional and affective through a commitment that involves integration and participation activating the goal of raising their self esteem.

Community Features

Wheelchair Access, 24 hour security, Internet WIFI

Other Services Included

Medical service, Nursing service, Medical consultation, Basic Medications, Special medications, Wheelchair, Walkers, Disposable diapers, Recreational activities, Rehabilitation Therapy, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Consultation with Specialist, Clinical Analysis

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