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They live in our residence and have decided to make it their home. Without the worries of the house, the cleaning, the payment of bills, and so on residents can spend their time choosing some of the activities of the integral program of entertainment and recreation. At the same time in Villa Alegre we welcome your family members because we know how important they are in their lives. Villa Alegre has rooms for you to furnish to your style.
During your stay the following services are offered:
Room/ Food /Caretaker Service/ Surveillance Laundry/ Cleaning/ Recreational activities Internet service / Television with Cable
Those who are part of our home during the day and enjoy the comprehensive program that will allow them to increase their social participation, to occupy their free time, raising their quality of life through various activities of entertainment and recreation in a safe environment in which they can coexist with people of the same age and interests.
During your stay the following services are offered:
• Care Service • Rest area with individual lockers • Recreational activities • Internet Service • Telephone • In our facilities you can enjoy a tranquility that allows you to feel at home, with all confidence and comfort.
We have everything you need to make your life practical, safe and enjoyable.
We have: Single Rooms, Single Rooms with Shared Services, Dining Room, Room, Games Area, Computing Area and Library, TV room Garden and Terrace.
Residencia Villa Alegre has developed a series of activities to maintain in shape the state of health of each of our residents and their quality of life promoting their integral well being in physical form, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. These activities will make your day enjoyable, fun and enjoyable.
Some of the activities we offer are: • Yoga• Tai-Chi • Club walkers • Cine • Bingo •Wellness and Health Workshops • occupational therapy • Domain • Adapted Gymnastics • Commented Cinema • Humanist Psychotherapy • Logotherapeutic Support • Ludoteca • Board games • Intergenerational Meetings • Self Care Workshops• Memory Workshops • Social Animation and Celebrations


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