A residency of assisted living is an option of seniors home care for a long term who give you services to support the personal care like food, medical administration, bathrooms, clothes and transportation

It is a service for a permanent care or temporary for seniors care with a rising trend in the country over the next years. With a population of 8´546,566 millions of seniors care reported in 2015 (Up to INEGI info), the houses of seniors care are becoming an indispensable service in Mexico. They count with different levels of medical attention and permanent nurses or the simple service to stay during the day for a few hours. The types of housing, the types of services available, and the prices may vary depending on the level of the facilities of every house where is located. Most of the facilities have dining area and shared areas as well as different social and recreational activities for your entertainment of rehabilitation. Now days exist seniors caring houses in Mexico in order to complement what was culturally considered only as home care in Mexico, in this way the service for the care of our seniors will continue to be recognized as a better alternative for them.

The national average Price of United States is just over $3,000 dlls a month ($36,000 dlls a year). The average national price in a senior home care is around $1,500 a month ( $35,000 a year). Prices in Mexico Will always vary according to 3 main factors:

The level of facilities offered for each particular house. They already exist in Mexico from independent rooms in high level complexes to shared rooms with some kind of social Benefit.

The level of care required by the elderly, from basic, intermediate or advanced level.

The city where the particular assistance or retreat house is located. Tourist cities will always represent a higher price for their natural attractiveness to live in and those located in urban cities will always be a better option for Mexican families for their best price and proximity to their family members and sources of work.

Care homes in Mexico are regulated by the Federal Government through the Ministry Governments for issuing operating licenses in particular, because of this, each rest home determines its own security and service standards that must comply with federal and municipal regulations established by the laws of the government in Mexico.

Houses who offer nurses service 24/7 in Mexico

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