Pension and service of the social security in Mexico (IMSS)

The pension granted by the IMSS are exclusive to seniors Mexican adults who met the age and requirements established by the law of the IMSS in order to receive them.

With regard to the services provided by Social Security in Mexico it is important to note that they can be hired by any Mexican or foreign person in a very simple way and it is important to be able to have the service available in case of any emergency or hospital care.


It is contracted on a voluntary basis, through the conclusion of an agreement with IMSS.
An annual fee entitled to medical coverage is covered during this period.
It begins its coverage on the first day of the month immediately following that of its recruitment.
If the insured person wishes to continue his insurance, his renewal must be carried out within 30 calendar days prior to the expiry of the calendar year.


Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, hospital and maternity care.
There are preexisting conditions that prevent their incorporation, conditions with certain waiting periods, as well as some exclusions (cosmetic surgery, lenses, hearing aids, treatment of chronic conditions requiring permanent therapeutic control).


For older Americans or Canadians present themselves in the subdelegation with: valid passport, residence card issued by the National Institute of Migration (INM), CURP for foreigners, proof of domicile in Mexico.
Provide general data and fill out a medical questionnaire.
Cover the payment of the annual fee.
Also for Mexicans abroad: proof of domicile abroad and letter power.


Depending on the age of the applicant, the annual fee to be paid in advance for each insured person is determined.